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Sunshine-Express is the city train that offers a unique experience of scheduled tours around the historical center of Athens.

Boarding Sunshine-Express enables you to travel through memory lane coming into direct contact with the Greek history today and tomorrow! During the 50 min. tour we invite you to visit the birthplace of Democracy as well as that of the western civilization, with the one of kind sights of Plaka, Monastiraki, Ifestou temple, Mousses Hill, the ancient theatre of Dionysus, the new Acropolis museum, The Cathedral and ample more!

Our train ride is a unique way to escape from the daily routine offering you amusement and relaxation. In addition, on request, you have the option to use tourist trains for organized tours (groups). To conduct the tour, we have two fully equipped trains, which consist of a locomotive and three wagons that seat 45 people respectively. Our experienced staff is available for your convenience. Our pick up points are near the Metro stations of Monastiraki and the Acropolis making your accessibility extremely easy.

You have the ability to hop on and off the train at whatever point you want during the tour. This enables you to cover the historical center at the maximum, as every 20 minutes the train passes and with the same ticket you can complete your tour (it applies for the completion of one route).

And all this with just one ticket!!!


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Trusted by:

E.K.E.Φ.Ε. Δημόκριτος “Βραδιά του Ερευνητή” 27/9/13Travel Trade Athens 2013Black Sea Tourism Forum and WorkshopΞενοδοχειακό Επιμελητήριο ΕλλάδοςΕΦΕΤExclusive Yachting 2008International Olympic CommitteeGreek Ministry of Education and Religious AffairsGreek Ministry of Culture

Collaboration with the following Municipalities and Tourist organizations:

Ελληνική Εταιρεία Περιβάλλοντος και ΠολιτισμούΔήμος ΗλιούποληςΜια Όαση - Νέο Ψυχικό, Φιλοθέη, ΨυχικόΑ.Ο. Ν. ΙωνίαςΔήμος ΑθηναίωνΔήμος ΑιγάλεωΤο Χωριό των Χριστουγέννων στην ΑθήναΜαγικό Χριστουγεννιάτικο χωριό στο ΖάππειοΔήμος Ελληνικού - ΑργυρούποληςΔήμος Αγίας ΠαρασκευήςΔήμος Λαυρεωτικής

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